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Field Repair Services

Watson Metal Masters' full time Field Service Division can fix large or small issues on-site quickly and cost effectively. For instance...

  • We can add custom agitation to existing tanks, complete head and shell removal, shell extensions to add needed volume or if a shell has been damaged by overfilling or has sucked in by improper venting of the tank, we have the experience and capability to get the issue fixed.
  • On-site spin polishing of large or small tanks or simply removing a minor scratch that could cause cross batch contamination. * WATSON METAL MASTERS performs on-site passivation of new or existing equipment, complete tank electropolishing and spot electropolishing.
  • Repair or replace leaking heating/cooling jackets. Whether it is half-pipe coil, dimple or conventional jackets, we can get you leak free. ASME "R" Stamp is available for all field services.
  • Are you concerned your CIP is not covering quite like it should? WATSON METAL MASTERS can perform on-site Riboflavin testing to determine if your device is performing properly, needs modified or replaced.
  • Sometimes existing equipment can be repurposed for new production requirements with just a few modifications. When this is the case WATSON METAL MASTERS can install new nozzles, plug old ones and even install sanitary piping and platforms.
  • Just because your equipment is getting old does not mean it needs replaced. WATSON METAL MASTERS can perform full vessel integrity inspections and UT testing to confirm materials still meet intended service requirements. However, when the equipment has reached its life span and no longer operational, WATSON METAL MASTERS can also decommission safely and quickly.