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Quality Control

Customer Inspections are an important part of WATSON METAL MASTERS Quality Control System. We strive to produce the quality equipment you deserve that meets our strict standards while conforming to all specifications and codes. Every piece of equipment is inspected by our Quality Control Management team through every step of the manufacturing process.

Our Quality Control Manual is established and maintained for the purpose of controlling the quality of design, materials, workmanship and supplies for the construction of Pressure Vessels per ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 as well as non-Code stamped equipment. Also for performing repair and alterations according to the National Board Inspection Code and Jurisdictional requirements.

WATSON METAL MASTERS can perform full Factory Acceptance Testing required by cGMP for validation. Packages include, but not limited to: Design Calculations, Weld Procedures, Weld Procedure Qualifications, Welder Performance Qualifications, Weld Maps, Radiography Report, Mill Test Reports, USP Gasket Certification, Hydrotest Report, Air Test Report, ASME Manufactures Data Report, Certified As Built Drawings, Surface Roughness Test Report, Riboflavin Test Report, Passivation Test Report, Electropolish Report, Liquid Penetrant Report, Drainage Test Report, and Spare Parts List and Pricing.