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Tank Farm Tanks

WATSON METAL MASTERS' Phase II shop expansion will feature new, top of the line, high volume production equipment. We are installing two highly efficient Plasma + TIG round seam weld manipulators that are up to 40 times faster than conventional welding processes.

WATSON will ABSOLUTELY be more competitive than any other high quality stainless steel tank fabricator in the United States. That is our commitment to you, and we are backing up that statement with the latest, most technologically advanced equipment available for our industry.

WATSON is custom designing and installing a large tank body assembly line that will reduce the labor required to assemble tank bodies by as much as 30%. We are fully committed to improving product quality and efficiency by incorporating automation into the custom tank and vessel manufacturing processes, unlike anything that has been introduced into our industry for years. Send Watson your TANK FARM inquiries and see how much you can save while ensuring a higher quality product than is customary for these style tanks.