COMPANY EVENTS - The Annual Sertoma Club Chili Cookoff (Photos Below)

To all our selfless supporters, Watson Metal Masters is honored to have the support of so many fine people and organizations, and are truly grateful that you all have donated so generously so we can support the Springfield, MO Sertoma Chili Cook-Off.

It was a great event again this year with an expected $160,000.00 being raised, and 100% of that amount going to support the Springfield Boys and Girls Club. Sertoma has worked diligently for years building this noteworthy community event and we're most gratified to play a role in it.

Our people worked extremely hard again this year and their efforts really paid off big. Of course there are two main components to the Cook-Off; one is to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club and the other is to make and eat great chili. The event organizers break down these categories by company size and other factors.

Watson Metal Masters is proud to say that we took second place in fund raising in the "Large Company" category. A great achievement for a small company, beating out Expedia and other truly large companies. That is because of the support we received from all of you. The other good news is that our chili took first place in the "Judges" category for the second year in a row…compliments to the chef, Richard Wells.

Then, as we stood in front of the stage salivating over the really tall trophy's, we told ourselves just how badly we wanted the "People Choice Chili" trophy. Well, we did it…we won the BIG ONE. Hats off to all our great chili chefs, we had three different and three great chili's. Our chefs and organizers arrive at 5:30 AM to begin and work very hard to help make this the great event it is each year.

We look forward to next year and hope you all will contribute to its success again.